Molmol documents stories with new media, moving images,  robotics, kinetics and interactive sculptures.

Currently, she is making projects with sensors and electronics,  focusing on building sculptures and interactive objects that tell stories — or give good stories to tell.

Molmol spent one year interviewing residents at an isolated leprosy community in Northern Taiwan. This had a great effect on her work and shifted her focus.  Her film on homelessness, youth, and social justice: “Treasure Hill”, was screened at Scope Art Fair at MOMA, Basel, 2007.  In 2011, she created a robotic video sculpture that speaks on sex trafficking survivors in New York.  Her interactive LED installation, Connecting Light, was part of the London 2012 Festival, occupied the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site over seventy miles.

Shel had worked on organizing events ranging from street movements, underground raves, electronic arts and music festivals.  She still dreams of doing so in the near future, with many small autonomous robots that can make drawings and sound, and give away candies.

Molmol received an M.P.S.  at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU ;  and a  B.A.  in Communication Arts at Fu Jen University in Taiwan.

Her collaborators at YESYESNO Interactives can be found here.


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